ELPA GROUP was created and continues to be managed by Mr. Murat Ince.

The Group was established in 1987 on the principle of "to do a job at once and right every time" with its modern and advanced technology foundation. The goal of our company is also to be available to everyone, no matter how much our customers can provide for themselves, the goal is to strive for and offer better quality.

Based on the well known textile quality from Turkey, ELPA Group has a network of printing, weaving and stitching units under its own. Furthermore, we have a team of highly Professional management and technical staff with a standardized working system, with a continuous process of expansion incorporating the latest technological innovations in order to provide our customers the best possible quality of textiles. ELPA GROUP together with its brands - CESAR'S Elpa Cesar's, ELPA Elpa Cesar's, DEZA Elpa, is telling our customers that the products are made of the world's best fabric and team behind it, combining them we became an authentic line of a special design team, recognized worldwide. With the help of our customers we decided to vertically integrate and produce the best products out of the best fabric. Our business idea is to spread globally and satisfy the needs of our customers everywhere. Our fashion and design have reached the highest level and we have the pleasure to dress off businessman and smart man.

ELPA Group differentiates itself from the competition in the highest quality to offer and innovative design of these products. To our customers we offer man suits, jacket, trousers, shirts, dinner jackets, overcoats, hooded overcoats and raincoats. All of this is served globally from Europe to Middle East, from America to Russia and back to Turkey and neighboring countries.
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